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Recent views and news on Payment By Results

New funding for learning, a new framework and a free webinar. In this post we highlight what’s happening online about Payment By Results


One of the challenges that the World Bank acknowledges it and its clients face, is “Choosing the incentive mechanism that best fits an intervention in a particular context and obtains the greatest impact”.  To that end, the World Bank has issued a call for proposals to learn more about the impact results-based financing can have on education systems at a district/regional level. One criticism often levelled at Results Based Finance (RBF) is that it incentivises “cherry-picking”, leaving the harder-to-reach behind in pursuit of easier ways to reach beneficiary targets. The World Bank is therefore requiring those submitting proposals to be able to measure the equity impact of RBF.

Could an “Expert Body” help overcome some of the problems experienced by past Payment By Results (PbR) programmes? Dr Laura Johnstone has just shared a framework for commissioning and implementing PbR programmes which she describes as “dynamic and applicable locally, regionally and nationally to all PbR provision across the public sector wherever target achievement and the provision of value to stakeholders is required”.  A key element of the framework is the establishment of an Expert Body that comprises key stakeholders for the programme “including the commissioner, the principal, the agent, the service users and academics with experience of PbR and the specific need”. The Expert Body plays the roles of governing body at the commissioning stage, and data and learning gatherer during implementation, to inform adjustments to delivery. Dr Johnstone invites feedback on the framework via the blog post or direct email.

Finally, even as this post goes live, a World Bank webinar is scheduled to discuss the findings of a study of results-based climate finance activities. The recording of ‘Achieving transformational change in climate change mitigation through Results-based financing‘ can be accessed after June 6th, from the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus.

Cheryl Brown, Communications Manager for WASH Results MVE