Rewards and realities of Payment by Results in WASH

If you missed the WASH Results Programme’s panel discussion at World Water Week 2018, then this webpage on the conference organiser’s website is for you.  You can read details of the presenters, find out where the group discussions took us and the types of questions the panel was asked about PbR in WASH.

The conclusions from the session were:

  • There was some consensus that the data demands of PbR have served to strengthen suppliers’ data and monitoring systems, supported by an external verification system. This has led to better data on which to base evolving programming decisions.
  • Those designing WASH Programmes using other funding modalities could usefully consider how they too could incentivise investment in and use of monitoring data whilst managing risks.
  • The relatively limited experience of PbR in the WASH sector to date suggests a need for continued learning in this area if the funding modality is more widely adopted in future.

We’ll be sharing our reflections on the session, as the MV team for the WASH Results Programme, in a forthcoming blog post, but in the meantime please take a look at these reports by the programme’s Suppliers:

Selected key messages of our joint session (video by SNV)

Blog post on World Water Week, by SAWRP 

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