Latest views and news on Payment By Results

Our last post shared our lessons on Payment By Results (PBR); this time we’re taking a look at what other people are saying about it.

An over-looked benefit of PBR is sharpening the minds of donors and recipients, observes Joseph Holden, deputy lead of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for the Fund Manager of DFID’s £350 million Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) Programme. Writing at the end of 2015, Holden highlights PBR’s advantage over other funding models: reducing “fuzzy thinking” and over-statement of results by replacing self-reporting with independently verified, reliable and robust evidence. Writing about the approach and experience of the GEC, Holden comments “This is not cheap, and complexities have meant the application is far from perfect, but the evidence produced is of a higher quality than for the vast majority of other development programmes”. You can read more about the GEC’s experience of verifying PBR in the report on our chat show at the UK Evaluation Society

A new literature review [PDF]  intends to help PBR stakeholders: clarify the purpose of an individual PBR scheme, identify critical success factors, identify common issues which cause problems and difficulties, and be aware of how they might address or mitigate them. The review’s author, Russell Webster, is currently exploring the main themes of the review through a series of blog posts – the most recent ones question if PBR can improve outcomes and if PBR can save money.

Finally, even as this post is being written, delegates at the BOND conference are discussing ‘How to crack Results 2.0‘. We look forward to finding out what they had to say…

Cheryl Brown, Communications Manager for WASH Results MVE

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